Faith-based Programs

Handbook of Religious Beliefs and Practices

National Institute of Corrections, 02/16/2012 01:31 PM EST

This desk manual describes the history/background, theology/major teachings/belief, worship/rites/ceremonies, holy books, holy days/festivals, work proscription days, fast days, dietary restrictions, leadership/meetings and worship, and reference sources for most of the religions practiced by individuals in Washington prisons. Faiths covered are Anglican/Episcopal, Asatru, Astara, Baha’I, Buddhism, Church of Satan, Druidry, Eastern or Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Protestant Interdenominational and Non-Denominational, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Judaism, Messianic, Moorish Science Temple of America, Native American, Odinist, Rastafarian, Roman Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventist, Sikh, The Church of Jesus Christ Scientist (Christian Science), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA Latter-day Saints, LDS, or Mormons), The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Unity, Wicca, and World Wide Church of God.


Religious Services Programming

National Institute of Corrections, 02/16/2012 01:53 PM EST

The purpose of these policies “is to provide information and guidance to Chaplains, administrators, and staff in managing and providing for the activities and practices of inmates in the custody of the department.” These procedures cover: Religious Services; Religious Accommodations; Protestant Religious Services; Jehovah Witness Religious Services; Jewish Religious Services; Buddhist Religious Services; Wiccan Religious Policy; Asatru Religious Policy; Roman Catholic - Orthodox Religious Services; Muslim Religious Practices; and Native American Religious Policy.