Correctional Ministries and
Chaplains Association

Philadelphia Hosts for Summit 2017

Amachi Mentoring was developed in 2000 to provide children impacted by incarceration with a different path by establishing the consistent presence of loving, caring mentors. Since the organization was created, there have been at least 350 Amachi-modeled programs in more than 250 U.S. cities and all 50 states. To date, these programs have served more than 300,000 children. In 2009, Amachi expanded to include all at-risk youth and developed an effective intermediary model that served more than 17,000 youth, created more than 200 jobs, formed more than 1,000 partnerships, and created 38 statewide coalitions throughout the three-year project.

Alpha Community Development Corporation is affiliated with the Christian Stronghold Baptist Church. Formed in 2007 as a faith-based, 501(c)3 Pennsylvania corporation, the organization’s mission is to support and enhance the long term economic and social livelihood of the Philadelphia region by facilitating and developing programs that will impact and transform lives through training, education, and counseling. Services include education and job training, family and healthy marriage services, prison re-entry services, job creation and retention, community economic development, and youth services.

Philadelphia Leadership Foundation (PLF) is committed to developing a next generation of leadership in the Greater Philadelphia region that is spiritually fit, socially conscious, and committed to making a positive impact in our neighborhoods. PLF is part of a national movement of more than 30 leadership foundations around the U.S. brought together as part of Leadership Foundations of America (LFA). PLF brings together local faith and community leaders, churches, social service groups, and other organizations to tackle the most difficult problems facing the poor in our neighborhoods. Working together as a team, each leader and group brings its resources. Resources and successes are shared, partnerships are created, and issues are addressed.

CMCA would like to acknowledge and thank our local hosts for their gracious hospitality and dedicated efforts to ensure this Summit will inspire and equip excellence in all aspects of correctional ministry for professionals and volunteers alike.