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More than 5 million children in the U.S. have had a parent in prison at some point. In Indiana, where that number is 177,000, a mentoring program aims to bolster support for those children by connecting them with adults who can provide emotional support. Megan Thompson reports as part of an ongoing series of reports called Chasing the Dream,” which reports on poverty and opportunity in America.

Complete list and explanation of the eight rights Children of the Incarcerated have while their parents or guardian are incarcerated. It gives the list of realities and what to expect as well as statistical information on what happens to some children as well as who looks out for them.

Quick list and summary of each of the eight rights Children of the Incarcerated have.

Parents guide to the facts about the care of your child in the welfare system while incarcerated. Also gives resources that are available to you as a parent for your child as well as contact information for your State's Child Welfare Agency Contact Information


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