Correctional Ministries and
Chaplains Association

Certificate in Correctional Ministries

The Institute for Prison Ministries (IPM) offers a Certificate in Correctional Ministries in partnership with Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN).

The Spring Term begins April 2nd, 2018. Classes are eight weeks long. Take for credit or audit. Registration will open March 20 for the following 3 credit classes:

CM302, Dynamics of Working with Offenders
This course will examine the common characteristics of offenders, the specialized approaches to ministering within a correctional facility, and the biblical corollaries for transformation as they pertain to offenders.

CM402, Correctional Ministries Program Development and Evaluation
This course equips those ministering within correctional settings to research, plan, and administer a ministry program that provides learning experiences to help offenders and ex-offenders encounter the person of God, the truths of His Word, and the power of His Holy Spirit, and to transform their thinking and behavior while developing basic life skills.

CM405, Case Management and Mentoring in Re-Entry
This course will examine theories and practices in case management and mentoring for successful reentry of offenders. Assessment and program development will be discussed as well as opportunities for developing skills. 

Registration Information and Information About the Certificate in Correctional Ministries Program

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