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Certificate in Correctional Ministries

The Institute for Prison Ministries (IPM) offers a Certificate in Correctional Ministries in partnership with Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN).

The Fall Term begins October 1, 2018. Classes are eight weeks long, ending November 25, 2018. Take for credit or audit. Each course is 3 credits.

CM301, Dimensions of Correctional Ministry
This course will provide an overview of ministry to offenders and their families and the Biblically-based role of the Church in that effort. In addition, the course will examine the basic structure and functions of the criminal justice system and the cultural distinctives that govern it. The primary focus will be on the multiple ministry opportunities present in each of the various phases of the criminal justice system— presentencing, long-term incarceration, and reentry.

CM401, Foundations of Correctional Chaplaincy
This course provides an overview of correctional chaplaincy as it functions in correctional facilities. Topics will include the history of correctional chaplaincy, the special skills and abilities the professional chaplain must possess, the critical dimensions of the multiple roles a chaplain assumes, and the constitutional mandates that govern the delivery of religious services in an institutional setting. Special focus will be placed on the “ministry of presence,” effective volunteer management, the development of individualized ministry plans, and on chaplains as “agents of change.”

CM404, Foundations of Offender Reentry
This course will provide participants knowledge of the Biblical foundation for reentry ministry and reentry statistics that will help them describe the issues, barriers, and challenges to successful ex-offender reentry. The course will also describe the phases and key principles of reentry with emphasis on making decisions related to practical planning for your ministry along with the reality of the collaborative nature of individuals, churches, organizations, and the community to assist the ex-offender with reentry.

The Winter Term begins January 7, 2019.  Classes are eight weeks long, ending March 3, 2019.  Take for credit or audit.  Each course is 3 credits.

CM302, Dynamics of Working with Offenders
This course will examine the common characteristics of offenders, the specialized approaches to ministering within a correctional facility, and the biblical corollaries for transformation as they pertain to offenders.

CM402, Correctional Ministries Program Development and Evaluation
This course equips those ministering within correctional settings to research, plan, and administer a ministry program that provides learning experiences to help offenders and ex-offenders encounter the person of God, the truths of His Word, and the power of His Holy Spirit, and to transform their thinking and behavior while developing basic life skills.

CM405, Case Management and Mentoring in Re-Entry
This course will examine theories and practices in case management and mentoring for successful reentry of offenders. Assessment and program development will be discussed as well as opportunities for developing skills. 

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