Workshop Session 1

Friday May 19, 1:15-2:45pm

Don Allsman and Charles Anderson– Trauma-Informed Spiritual Warfare

Margaret Cawood and Emily Kelly– Providing Spiritual Care on the Inside for Outside Transformation

Daniel Earley-Sharing the Gospel One on One in a Correctional Setting

Andrew Foster—  Transformative Reentry Housing

Chelsea Friske and Monika Soto—  Mobilizing Efforts to Unlock Second Chances

Ilinda Jackson– Navigating Challenges Inside Facilities

Evelyn Lemly– Recruiting Quality Volunteers

Mark Walker and Quentin Valdois– Prison Ministry as Cross-cultural Mission

Tina Yolanda Washington– Hope from the HOOD (Helping Out Others ‘through’ Discipleship)

Workshop Session 2

Friday May 19, 3:15-4:45pm


Amanda Bagnall–Caring for People who have Experienced Trauma

John Byrne and Doug Cupery–Overcoming Increasing Correctional Facility Mail Restrictions

Stacey Divine–Marketing Trends for 2023: Is Social Media your Solution for Marketing, Fundraising and Outreach?

Kevin Howells and Angie Bartel–Choose the Next Right Donor Engagement

Paul Nielsen–Grief and Mourning on the Inside

Adam Procell, SGT Amy Rivera, LT Michael Dix–Humanizing the Badge, Humanizing the Tattoo                                     

Matt Thomas–Imprisoned to Empowered

Mark Vander Meer and Greg Chandler–Looking at Reentry through the Lens of Recovery

Brandi N. Williams–What do you Need to Know about Gen Z?

Workshop Session 3

Saturday May 20, 10:45-12:15pm

Jerry Blassingame–How to Start a Reentry Program

Jim Browning–The Heart of a Chaplain

Eric Dorsey–Why Creating Church “Community” in Prisons and Jails is Essential to Rehabilitation

Vance Drum– Doing Ministry in Difficult Economic Times

Mary Flin, Hank Hylton–Don’t Give Up on the Local Church

Patti Hammonds–Maximizing the Church’s Ministry to the Incarcerated and their Families

Kenny Kohberger​–First Things First-Faith in Recovery

Bob Van Domelen–The Church and Registrants

Workshop Session 4

Saturday May 20, 1:15-2:45pm


Leticia Chavez-Paulette and Georgette VigilEmpowering, Equipping and Encouraging Women with Purpose and Potential!

Asia Doble–Caring for Yourself and Your Team

Frederick Eschenburg​–Coaching Chaplains and Volunteers for Joy

Steve Lowe​–Juvenile Ministry: How to Get Started

Audryanna Reed​–A Holistic Approach to Ministry

Romney Ruder–Outsourcing Needed Capabilities–Building Flexibility for Organizational Success

Karen Swanson–Implementing Evidenced-based Principles and Discipleship