Correctional Ministries and
Chaplains Association

LIFE COACH Training Basics

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Module 1:  Foundations of Life Coaching. (2 lessons) This module discusses the realistic and unrealistic expectations Life coaches have about being a life coach and about life coaching.  Topics covered include how to avoid different types of paternalism, set boundaries and prevent manipulation. 
Module 2:  Communication Skills (3 lessons) Strong communication skills are needed for a positive Life Coaching relationship.  This module includes accurately observing, asking questions, listening, summarizing, giving feedback and personal transparency.  Practice exercises included.

Module 3:  Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (5 lessons) Motivational interviewing is a proven method of helping an individual become internally motivated for behavior change.  Topics in this module include the change process, principles and skills of motivational interviewing.  Practice exercises included.

Module 4: Understanding and Caring for Participants (3 lessons) This module identifies the risks and needs of participants (separate modules for men and women), thinking barriers, and the feelings, needs and barriers to transitioning from incarceration to society.

Module 5: The Life Coaching Process (5 lessons) This module identifies the different phases of the life coaching process along with the goals, skills and attributes needed for coaching for each phase.

The following components are designed to provide a high-quality, high-impact curriculum that equips adults with the knowledge and skills needed for effective Life Coaching.
Audio lectures (10-15 minutes each) and corresponding powerpoints
Lesson outline (handout)
Coaching tools (handouts)
Skill practice assignments

The training will take approximately 5 hours. You may work at your own pace and can stop and start as needed.