Workshop Session 1

Friday May 17, 1:30-3:00pm

Don Caballero– Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

James KirklandChristian Chaplain Education and Endorsement

David Phillips— Guiding Stars: Effective Strategies in Christian Mentorship

Will Riddle/Elizabeth Blaylock–Using Data to Build Your Ministry

Nick Robbins and Brenda Stringfellow–Alternative Programming Instead of Incarceration

Carey Sturgeon–Effective Support for Individuals who Have Sexually Offended

John Thomas and Frank Eyerman– Landmines Upon Release

Robert Vann–A Biblical Cognitive Approach to Understanding and Addressing Addiction

Workshop Session 2

Friday May 17, 3:30-5:00pm

Jerry Blassingame, Chris Pritchard–Reentry Simulation (3:15-5:00pm)

Kevin Eastway–Faithful Friendship: Fundraising from the Heart

Tammy Fisher, Lindsey Horvatich, Jenny Brodnax–Embracing Family Members in Recovery: Keeping your Sanity through your Loved Ones’ Incarceration and Return

Ilinda Jackson and Dan Odean–Facilitating Multi-faith Ministry

Kimberly Mackall and Violet Ford–Strategic Planning for Organizational Effectiveness

Paul Nielsen–Preaching Behind the Bars                                    

Workshop Session 3

Saturday May 18, 10:30-12:00pm

Jason and Joya Calloway–Transitioning From Prison to a Life of Purpose

Howie Close–Leading from the Bottom Up: Empowering the Incarcerated to Change their Culture

Vance Drum and Johnny Frambo–Mentoring for Successful Reentry in a Challenging Time

Meagan Gillan–Understanding Trauma’s Role for the Incarcerated

Rodney and Tolliny Rankins–28 Pitfalls of a Man

Gabby Reed–Prison: A Place the Entire Church can Serve

Karen Swanson–How Normal Ordinary Responsible People (N.O.R.P.s) can Connect with Justice-Involved People

Mark Vander Meer & Greg Chandler–How to Fight Stigma and Restore Returning Citizens

Workshop Session 4

Saturday May 18, 1:15-2:45pm

Charles AndersonA Holistic Approach for Returning Citizens

Dwight Anderson–Ministry with Correctional Officers

Jerry Blassingame​–Nuts and Bolts of Running a Non-Profit

Chelsea Friske​–Levers of Change for Justice that Restores

Rick Johnson​–How to Process Childhood Trauma

Erika Mariglia, Patrick Nelson, Heather Bunting–The Journey: Trauma, Addiction, Recovery and the Bible

Tina Washington–Reentry Ready: Preparing Those Returning Home and Volunteers for Success

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