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Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA) is a professional organization, founded in May 2011, through which Christians can celebrate their faith and passion for correctional ministry with other individuals, organizations, and churches; develop professionally through online resources, trainings, and certifications; and be inspired through uplifting journal articles, networking, and conferences.

Connecting, encouraging, and equipping Christians as they fulfill the Great Commission in Corrections

Members of CMCA are united to provide the highest quality of spiritual care to those who are incarcerated, have been incarcerated or detained, family members of the incarcerated, those affected by injustice, and those connected to correctional care. CMCA members are committed to providing spiritual care that is representative of the biblical model found in Jesus Christ's ministry. As a collaborative team of evangelical Christian caregivers, CMCA desires to more effectively build the Kingdom of God and help humanity secure greater peace and safety (Ephesians 4:16, 3 John 1:8).

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CMCA celebrates 5 yrs. of ministry, see accomplishments!

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CMCA Monthly October 2016

Intentional or Hit or Miss? Correctional ministry is often spiritually draining as we serve others. How do we replenish our souls...

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CMCA Monthly September 2016

Spiritual Narcissism One of our greatest longings as Christians is a longing for more of Jesus as expressed by Paul in Philippians...

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