Organizational Membership

Please keep in mind before you register that you will be required to create a primary account for your organization. This will be the account that will be immediately created during this process. The rest of the accounts will be created after verification and emailed their temporary passwords.

Silver organizational members receive 5 CMCA memberships for $225.
Gold organizational members receive 10 CMCA memberships for $450.

Join or renew your organizational membership today!

To renew an organizational membership, please renew using your “member log in” on the home page.

Gold Organizational Members

  • Good News Jail and Prison Ministry
  • Rock Church Prison Ministry
  • Bible League International
  • Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry

Silver Organizational Members

  • Prison Mission Association
  • AMiracle4Sure
  • Central Kansas Prison Ministry
  • Crossroads Prison Ministries
  • Jail Chaplains
  • Jump Start
  • CrossWalk Center
  • The Keys are at the Cross
  • We Care
  • Inside Out/Under the Door Ministries
  • 70X7 Life Recovery Muskegon


Organizational Silver Membership
$225 for 1 year
5 Memberships (1 Main Account & 4 Sub-Accounts)
Organizational Gold Membership
$450 for 1 year
10 Memberships (1 Main Account & 9 Sub-Accounts)