Evangelism is an important component of correctional ministry.  Listed below are resources that encourage sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism Resources

Immanuel-An Illustrated Story of the Life of Jesus
This evangelism tool, in comic book form designed by Jonathan Chong, is a free download for prison ministries and non-profits.  You may download directly from the website.  Here are other related links: www.youtube.com/@Immanuel-IllustratedStor-yv2vm Chinese site: https://aslandesign.ca/immanuel_chinese/

99 Wondering Questions that Could Work for You 
Many times we are not more than a few wondering questions from an in-depth spiritual conversation.  With the right attitude and atmosphere these 99 questions compiled by Doug Pollock from Cru can serve as powerful tools to assist you in opening the conversation to spiritual matters.

List of Evangelism Resources
This list, compiled by Karen Swanson, provides links to training and evangelism tools and programs.  Multiple evangelism tracts and programs are used inside youth facilities, jails, and prisons. If you have additional tools and programs you’ve found useful, please email Karen.