Discipleship is an important component of correctional ministry.  Listed below are resources that encourage spiritual formation, discipleship, growing in Christ.

Discipleship Resources

What is Discipleship and How Does it Happen?
This article by Cru examines the Great Commission of Matthew 28:  He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19–20, New International Version).  But what exactly is Jesus asking His followers to do? What does it mean to make disciples? What does discipleship look like?

What Non-Christians Want from Faith Conversations
This research sample from the Barna Group takes a look at the faith-sharing experiences and expectations of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Spiritual Friendship:  A Navigator Disciplemaking Tool
This tool describes the 5 elements of spiritual friendship which differ from mentoring as there is no “expert”.  Spiritual friendship is learning to see the worth God has placed in each person and appreciating the gifts individuals have to offer.

99 Wondering Questions That Could Work for You
This article written by Doug Pollock of CRU provides a series of questions designed to spark an in-depth spiritual conversation.

Scriptural Discipleship
These series of articles, by Ed Stetzer, describe the importance of maturity as a key element in discipleship. There are many things that go into a successful discipleship ministry, but one key is that spiritual maturity must be a goal. And if we don’t teach the goal and preach the goal, we won’t reach the goal.

Your Spiritual Journey: Growing in Christ
This pamphlet/workbook by Dr. Karen Swanson is a guide for stahing with Christ and growing in His likeness.  Many people, incarcerated and free, come to Christ out of need, but they stay with Christ when they understand the truth of the Gospel. They stay when they understand what Christ has done for them and what they now have in Christ. This pamphlet is a guide for staying with Christ and growing in His likeness.

Spiritual Growth Tipsheet
The Spiritual Growth Reentry TIPSHEET is designed to help ministry workers who are serving men and women during the pre-released planning process and during reentry to address their spiritual needs as they transition to the community.

Praying Scripture
Praying Scripture acknowledges the preeminence of the Bible as God’s revealed Word, and expresses faith that it has power to judge the thoughts and intentions of our hearts. Praying through Scripture with a teachable, humble heart can remove roadblocks to answered prayer such as unforgiveness, lack of faith in God, wrong motives, or sin in our lives. As we read God’s Word and talk to Him about it, His Spirit will guide us in prayer.

Week One: Taking your First Steps as a Follower of Christ
This booklet by Claude V. King published by Lifeway Christian Resources is a 7 day “coaching” course designed to help a new believer become a mature follower of Jesus.

Bible Study 101
This ebook by The Navigators will help you answer some common questions about studying the Bible and provide a framework for growing your Bible study habit.

Discipleship Resources
This list put together by Dr. Karen Swanson provides links to spiritual growth, scripture engagement, correspondence courses, curriculum and free resources in discipleship.  Multiple discipleship curricula and programs are used inside youth facilities, jails, and prisons.  Please email karen to share any materials you have found to be effective.

Five Stages of Spiritual Growth

This graphic by Jim Putnam describes the 5 stages of spiritual growth:  definitions, traits & phases.