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Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out by Lennie Spitale

Annotated Bibliography Evidence-based practices “What Is the Evidence? Evidence-based policy and practice is focused on reducing offender risk, which in turn reduces new crime and improves public safety. Of the many available approaches to community supervision, a few core principles stand out as proven risk reduction strategies. Though not all of the principles are supported by the same weight of evidence, each has been proven to influence positive behavior change.

The Human Toll of Jail

Answering the Call is a curriculum to equip Christians behind the walls to live focused lives of witness and discipleship.  These Christians are the best to reach their community.  Trainer Certification is now available through the Institute for Prison Ministries at www.prisoninstitute.com

Prison Mission Association offers free Bible lessons in English & Spanish to inmates for college credit:  Over 32,000 students now in all 50 states.   Contact the website if interested.  A weekly radio show, Prison Transformation Radio, provides podcasts available on the www.prisonmission.org/media  site.  Over 50 podcasts are currently produced.