Tools and Training in these Times

The current pandemic has affected all areas of correctional ministries.  On this page we will provide links to training and tools to assist you in your ministry and provide you with timely information.


Four Phases of Crisis for the Church (available to members only)

Spiritual First Aid Summit (free resource for helping during crisis for church and community leaders)

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How Those Incarcerated Suffer Most in Covid-19 Pandemic article by Dr. Scott Larson

Ways to engage when you can't visit a facility

Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries has been locked out of their facilities since March 13, 2020.  Here are some ideas they’ve shared for maintaining contact:

  • Record a church service on youtube or make a DVD of the service that staff can show in the units.
  • Work with corrections staff to fulfill requests for Bibles.
  • Provide Bible Studies or provide enrollment forms for correspondence courses.
  • Chaplains can call into units to fulfill requests to meet with the chaplain.
  • Email the volunteers prayer requests of the incarcerated or of staff.

 “We are videotaping messages, burning them to DVDs and supplying them to four prisons currently. We’ve sent eight messages to two facilities so far and are recording seven more for two other facilities this week. Some are being shown in the housing units but two of the facilities are placing our them on the in-house inmate TV channel so that anybody in the facility can watch, not just those who normally come to Chapel.” — The Keys are at the Cross Prison Ministries

Prayer for staff, the incarcerated, families who can’t visit

Send cards of encouragement to Chaplains, Corrections staff, Ministry Leaders

Consider also writing to incarcerated persons in other regions:


Letter Writing Guidelines by Lennie Spitale

Crossroads Mentorship Program

Christian Pen Pals