We are excited to introduce the CMCA 2021 Summit speakers.

Mindy Caliguire

President, Soul Care, Ltd.

Mindy Caliguire, is the co-founder and president of Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the Body of Christ.  Mindy speaks and advises several organizations and has also written several books on soul care and spiritual formation.

Nurturing your soul to find closeness with God: Pre-Summit workshop

Nena Staley

Deputy Director of Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services for South Carolina Department of Corrections

Nena Staley has been with the Department of Corrections for 34 years, serving as Assistant Warden in a maximum security prison and Warden of a reentry facility.   Nena is passionate about providing reentry services for every individual who is being released and removing barriers upon reentry including housing, career, education, family reunification, identification and other barriers.

Keynote Speaker, Opening Plenary Session

Pastor Rickie Bradshaw

Pastor First Southwest Baptist Church, Houston TX

Pastor Rickie Bradshaw has actively served in criminal justice ministry, leading more than 200 churches and ministries to serve in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. While serving as a volunteer in Texas Department of Criminal Justice in D.O.C. and Parole Divisions, Pastor Rickie received The Volunteer of the Year Award in 2016.

Keynote Speaker, Plenary Session II

Judge Scott Schlegel

24th Judicial District Court for the Parish of Jefferson, Division D, State of Louisiana

Judge Schlegel also serves as a volunteer judge for two specialty courts he started in Jefferson Parish; Swift & Certain Probation and Reentry Court.  Judge Schlegel works tirelessly to improve the justice system.  Judge Schlegal has received many awards and writes and speaks about critical improvements to the justice system.

Keynote speaker, Policy Forum Panel on Collateral Consequences/Reentry Court

Mike Reighard

Critical Incident Ministries Chaplaincy Representative, Assemblies of God

Mike Reighard has served over 20 years as Supervisory Chaplain for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In conjunction with correctional chaplaincy, he developed Jericho Commission, a Christ-based reentry ministry for the formally incarcerated, and served as the founding president of the Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA).

Keynote Speaker, Closing Plenary Session